A Guide To Facial Cosmetics For Beginners

One of the primary cosmetics that women will apply to their face is a makeup base. This make-up base can come in many forms, and people will routinely apply it several times a day because people find that by replenishing it, they get a start on a brand new day. The Pilaten website offers some of the best facial masks which are part of the facial cosmetics. They also offer tutorials on how to apply them. Some people, though, prefer to start from scratch with every application of the base because they feel that their skin needs a chance to breathe.

Understanding the facial cosmetics

The makeup base

A make-up base is offered in liquid, powder, and some consistencies. Every brand name will always offer a large variety of shades that vary slightly in color. The reasoning behind this concept is that skin tones vary and are unique to the person and the coloring might be affected by family genealogy or a specific preference. Most color experts would simply say that the skin tone should be complementary but many women would beg to differ.


Usefulness of cosmetics for facial

Cosmetics are worn to enhance facial and body characteristics. Some people prefer more drama than others and will typically choose a make-up base that is very different from their natural skin tone. If one were to consider that cosmetics are finishes for facial applications, then the application of color to eyes, lips, lashes and hair would be considered as a way to create a finished facial appearance.

The art of cosmetics

Some people take the art of cosmetics to an entirely different level and take into consideration what they are applying to their faces in these applications. Many base makeup products contain finishes in them that will provide a wide assortment of effects to the skin surface once the base has been put on. Other base make-up applications provide a particular texture, and finding one that does both is a good objective to have in mind when searching for cosmetics for the facial area.

The finishings

Other finishes are applied over a base make-up application that some consider to totally finishing the cosmetic process. These finishes are powders, and when used properly they will create a finish that can be glowing matte or sparkling. Those choices are totally personal and will be determined by the type of product that is placed on the face after the cosmetics are applied.



The skin affecting qualities come from base make-up applications that are specially enhanced to be moisturizing, long lasting, oil free, hydrating, waterproof or lightweight. The needs of the wearer must be fulfilled by the product that is purchased. The cosmetics enhancements are effective when all finishes agree with the other.


A Tummy Tuck Might Be the Solution for Your body

More people are getting tummy tucks today. In fact, in the past three years, they have increased 60% when compared to other plastic surgeries. Men and women who are not happy with the extra fat on their abdominal area will love getting a tummy tuck.

Though it is common, a tummy tuck is not a minor surgery. You will not feel like your normal self for quite a while. Using medical terms, it is considered as a “major invasive surgery.” So give it a lot of thought before deciding to have it done.

What is tummy tuck?

gdgdd674It is the removal of extra skin and fat from your abdominal area. They will pull your skin tight and stitch it up. Sometimes this process will tighten your ab muscles as well. Usually, people who have lost a lot of weight, causing them to have extra skin, will have it done. Also, women who were once pregnant will get their skin tightened. If you have a lot of fat to remove, you may want to have liposuction as well. Note that you will be sore for quite some time or even up to a year after the procedure.

Other surgeries

You can have a tummy tuck along with other cosmetic surgeries in the same day. Some women will have a hysterectomy performed on the same day as their tummy tuck. Many times people who have liposuction will get a tummy tuck to get the best result. If you are planning on losing a lot of weight, it is wise to wait until you reach your goal weight and then have it done.

The scar after having a surgery

Most people think that there will not be a big scar after having a tummy tuck done, but this is not the case. The size of the scar is determined by the amount of skin you have removed. Some scars may be as big as your entire abdomen, horizontally. It is very rare for the scar to be vertical. The scar will not go away either, so think about that when deciding to get the surgery. All scars are a little different depending on the surgeon, your body, and the type of tummy tuck.

Search for a surgeon

You need to know exactly what you want before you talk with any surgeons about your tummy tuck. Let the doctors know your vision of the surgery and how you want your body to look when it is complete. Do not hold anything back and ask a lot of questions to make sure you know what to expect. Doctors may give you advice and give you other options rather than surgery.


There are some things you need to keep in mind while searching for a surgeon to do your tummy tuck. There is a Board of Plastic Surgery and it is important that your surgeon is certified by this board. There are stiff requirements that doctors must meet to be certified. Where they went to school is one determining factor. They cannot have gone to any medical school. A medical license is required. Also, they need to be trained for at least three years in surgery as a residence. This place of training needs to qualify as well.

If you are worried and you want to check your surgeon’s credentials, simply call the board of plastic surgery. This will help you to feel more confident in your surgeon and have peace of mind about getting a tummy tuck. Contact Chicago Tummy Tuck today and have the best surgeon help you with the surgery.


Why Ladies Buy Designer Handbags

Same way men feel good while driving an expensive car; ladies also feel good carrying an elegant designer handbag. It will cost them a fortune to see to it they own one of those Angelina Jolie was seen carrying last week. Every lady will have a reason she wants to own these accessories.


No lady will want to be left behind by what is trending. Once a celebrity has shown up in an event with Unique Handbags, its demand will drastically go up forcing designers to flood it in the market. Ladies are always keen to note these trends from TVs, newspapers, magazines and internet.

Social media influence

When ladies are on social media, they get influenced to adopt many things. Owning good designer handbags is definitely on top of those things.

Peer influencetgrf3edy2eue7ui2e8di29092

When all your friends are buying very elegant designer handbags, you don’t want to be an odd one out. This is very rampant in workplaces and social gatherings. Ladies will tend to influence each other automatically into buying these products

Rewarding yourself

After long and tough working period it’s natural for someone to decide and reward those efforts. Some ladies will do this by buying themselves expensive designer handbags. Some make it as a habit to do so.

As part of fashion and style

Ladies who have taste in life will tend to go for the finest designers and pick their products. Others want to match an earlier purchased outfit with an equivalent designer handbag. Most of these ladies are very selective and keen on what they buy.


When ladies are attending social occasions like weddings and parties, they want to stand out. Consequently, they will do that by owning a good designer handbag that will catch everyone’s attention. Other functions may dictate accessories from a certain designer.


Certaitrf3edye6dy7edu82i9o02o2n designer products will put you on a certain class. Handbags being a very important part of ladies dressing then they will use this to show their class. High-end designers whose products are costly will make you feel high class.


Some ladies have a passion for these handbags and will spend a big percentage of their income on them. Nothing can stop them as they do it as a hobby. Some pledge loyalty to specific designers while other will want to try different ones each time. This makes them feel good and gives satisfaction.


Getting Stylish and Convenient Breastfeeding Dresses

Most breastfeeding mothers find it hard to choose garments to wear during the breastfeeding period. It is quite difficult for you to find clothes that will suit your fashion tastes while at the same time allowing easy breastfeeding. Your time as a mother is limited since you will be looking after your baby. The limited time poses a problem when it comes to finding your ideal clothes.

The Ideal Choice

In your hassles as a nursing mother, consider breastfeeding dresses. Dresses are known to be the saviors. Many mothers who have had problems with the type of cloth to wear when nursing settle to dresses. They all feel comfortable with dresses. There are numerous dresses you can use during breastfeeding.


Types of Breastfeeding Dresses

Some of the dresses which are perfect for concealing bumps and lumps are available in the market. These dresses are the flowy maxi dresses. These dresses also make you look great. The trapeze designed dresses are also an ideal choice. Their style leaves you looking stylish. Nursing mothers also recommend wrap dresses. You will find these wrap dresses easy to use. They also make you appear stylish. Another type of the breastfeeding dresses you should try are the strappy and off the shoulder dresses. They work well with a good bra.

Shirt dresses also make you appear stylish while serving the needed purpose. You can actually try them out. The frequent baby vomit and spillages can be hidden by patterned dresses. The patterned dresses is another category you should add to your wardrobe.

Factors to Consider When Picking Dresses

1. The Right Cloth

hgshgas67ashgasFind the right dress that fits well. You will have a comfortable breastfeeding time. Avoid the shapeless dresses that make you look odd. I am certain you observe your style, and you will need to keep up with the fashion. Getting the right cloth during pregnancy is a hard task as mentioned earlier. During the nursing period, your weight is bound to change. Make sure you get a dress that can accommodate you well. Do not get a big shapeless dress. Also, avoid the tight dresses. Tight dresses do not work well with the pregnancy life. You sweat a lot during this time, and this might make the tight clothes stick to your body.

2.The Dresses’ Appearance

You should consider patterned dress. These dresses are perfect for emergencies during breastfeeding. They are used to hide the babies vomit and milk spillages that happen during breastfeeding. Do not be afraid of putting on these dresses with patterns and prints. They are your savior as a new nursing mom.

3. Cleaning options of the Garments

Your time as a breastfeeding mother is limited. You dedicate most of your time nursing your baby. Purchase breastfeeding dresses that you can easily clean. In most cases, mothers find dresses that can be washed using the machine wash the best option.

At the end of it all, you should be able to get a good breastfeeding cloth for your nursing period. It is easy to choose your ideal garment now that you have this knowledge.


Abdominoplasty Consultation Explained

Belly fat and excess skin have been an issue of concern to people for various reasons. The issue is embarrassing to men and women alike. Abdominoplasty has been considered as the easiest way of solving such issues. Abdominoplasty Consultation gives the interested parties a one on one session with the the surgeons. When using consultation services, there are a lot of things to consider.


Abdominoplasty – What is it for?

kjjkkjkjkjjBefore exploring consultation services, the most common problems solved with abdominoplasty should be considered. Both men and women may need abdominoplasty at some point in their life. Men have the issue of having a pouch above the belly button while women have it below the belly button.

Abdominoplasty offers two ways of dealing with such, either a C-section scar or an incision. Another common problem is excess fats. Abdominoplasty is done to remove fats. Hanging skin is also a common issue often solved by the procedure.

Consultation services

A good surgeon will be determined to offer the best services to the client. The client, upon visiting the surgeon, should think of the best way to explain his concern to the surgeon. There are many ways of dealing with different problems hence the surgeon should be knowledgeable of the best way. The surgeon should take you through various procedures and advise you on the best one.

Preoperative requirements

Before going for an operation, there are certain requirements that you must achieve. Before operation you should quit smoking for at least two weeks. Taking any form of aspirin, herbals and multivitamins should also cease. You should also have a stable weight. The surgeon will take you through all those procedures including a physicals examination and an NPO before the surgery.

How it is performed

jjhhjhjhjhjThe procedure takes three to four hours in the operating room. The procedure is considered an outpatient procedure. The type of anesthesia they use will determine your recovery time. Most anesthesiologists advice for IV for quicker recovery and less nausea. Before the procedure, surgical markings will be made on your belly. The markings will be made with you in front of a mirror. The doctor will then review the incision point with you to ensure your comfort with the position. After you are satisfied, the procedure will be performed after which you will be given guidelines on post operation. The post operation will still need you to visit the surgeon and observe some dietary changes.

The abdominoplasty consultation will depend on the surgeon you visit. A good surgeon will have time to listen to you and advise you accordingly. The surgeon will have the patience to be questioned by you and will respond to your questions well. Your health should be given priority so make sure the surgeon is concerned about your health as well.


Learn How to Wear your Light up Shoes Appropriately

Light up shoes are also known as LED sneakers and are becoming a popular fashion wear recently. There are different types of light up trainers that are designed for men, women, and children. To get the most of these shoes, it is important to know how to wear them in the right manner.

You want to avoid a scenario where you think you are dressed well only to find that your shoes are inappropriate. Light up shoes can be worn on many occasions, but this does not mean that you can wear them everywhere.

How to wear light up shoes

Wear them to a night clubsfsdfsdfs

Night clubs is the best place to wear your light up shoes. Even if you are not the best dancer in the club, everyone will notice your moves with the LED shoes. This is the right occasion to wear the shoes because you try and bring the fun side of life and adventures.

Wear them to the gym

If you are looking for some motivation is the gym, then you can look for LED trainers. This is a good way to incorporate your sense of fashion when running on the treadmill.

Never wear them to an interview

When going for an interview, it is important to always portray a laid back kind of look. Light up shoes do not portray a laid-back look in any way. If you wear light up shoes when going to the interview, no one is likely to take you seriously.

These are shoes that are supposed to bring out your adventurous side and on an interview, you don’t want to show this side of yourself. If you are a business person, these are not the kind of shoes to wear when going to seal a business deal.

Never wear themdfsdfsfsdf to a wedding

You might think weddings are all about bringing the best that fashion has to offer and wearing LED shoes might be a good idea. Wearing LED shoes to a wedding is never a good idea.

Light up shoes are about drawing attention to yourself, and if you are attending a wedding, this is not the best time to wear your LED shoes. In a wedding, the big day is reserved for the couple and not you. It is offensive to try and bring attention to yourself when it is not your day.


Different Types of the Beard Oil

The beard oil is fast growing in popularity in different parts of the world. For a long time, men have had to contend with the problems of brittle beards and dry skin. However, with the beard oil, these issues are becoming history. It is critical to point out that the beard oil is not for the skin only but the beard as well. By hydrating the beard, the skin also gets to experience the same effect.

The beard oil is excellent for guys who want to grow beards of their dreams. The beard oil will not only make your beards have a soft feeling but also make then shiny and therefore improve your overall appearance. For more information on the types of beard oils click us now address the different types of the beard oils.

Types of beard oils

Jojoba oil

The Jojoba oil is extracted from a plant that is called jojoba. The jojoba plant is native to Mexico and the United jjhjhjhjhjhjhhStates. It is golden liquid oil at room temperature that provides the skin with a substantial amount of ingredients called ceramide. The ceramide helps the skin with matters hydration.

This ingredient called ceramide in the jojoba oil is also rich in vitamin E which helps the skin in getting rid of the free radicals that cause faster aging. Since it keeps the skin in perfect condition, you beards will be in excellent condition as well.

Argan oil

The Argan oil is native to northern Africa and specifically Morocco. The argan oil is extracted from the argan tree. To use this oil, simple pour a drop on your palm and rub it gently on your beards. When you use the argan oil on your skin and beards, you will be guaranteed of soft and shiny hair. It also hydrates the skin under the beards.

It is rich in vitamin E which makes the users appear younger than their actual age. Most of the beard oils have a ripple effect of leaving a thick residue after use. However, the case is entirely different with the argan oil. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, therefore, leaving the skin with a feeling if freshness and newness.

Castor oil

mkljmbvxzThe castor oil has been around for a long time for beard improvement. This oil is extracted from the castor seed and is unique in its self. It is not only used for the hair alone but also as a laxative.

If you are searching for the beard oil that is not messy, then you may consider the castor oil. It provides both the antifungal and antibacterial protection to skin and is, therefore, an ideal choice for most guys.


Cosmetics Studio Cologne

Cosmetic studio cologne entails cosmetic treatments either medical or surgical. People engage in cosmetic studios for various reasons. For some, it might be due to being unsatisfied with looks while to other it’s for medical reasons. The primary goals of cosmetics are usually to uplift looks. To learn more about cosmetics studio Cologne visit Many people mostly women have bought cosmetic products or visited therapist for the sake of uplifting looks.


Facial Cosmetics

Facial cosmetics have existed for many years. It has mostly been associated with women since they are the ones kjhgghgwvbmost concerned d with their looks. They are a lot of products used in facial cosmetics ranging from natural which are mostly used in healing to the manufactured ones. Makeup is considered a revolution in facial cosmetics.

A lot of products have been made to be used as makeup. Some of them are powders, lipsticks, and creams. The purpose of makeup is basically to improve appearance and most are temporary.

Other variations

Apart from make-up, there are other things associated with facial cosmetics such as massaging cleansing acne treatments, wrinkles removal, and surgical operations. When considering any facial cosmetic, it is vital to engage with a professional in cosmetics so as to get what is right for your needs. For most people, they deem nature to have the best cosmetic cures. Getting the right makeup is, therefore, essential

Manicure and Pedicure

Your nails and toes are also a concern in cosmetic studios. There is something for everything in the cosmetics studios. In manicure and pedicure, your feet and hands will receive the best treatment in a spa. The services will include dead skin removal and lotion massage. First, the tension around the concerned places will be eased using warm water.

Apart from dead skin removal and lotion massage. Manicure and pedicure also entail applying polish in different designs and patterns. A nail design artist is there to help in choosing design nail art to suit your needs. Manicure and pedicures are the simplest forms of cosmetic care. Most people prefer getting the cosmetic products and getting the rest done on their own at home.


Massaging entails a facial that are done on the whole body. It involves exfoliating cleansing and releasing muscle tension. The most common form of massage is associated with muscle. In the spa, there is a massage therapist who is experienced in all types of massage. Most of the time their services are guaranteed

Ultimate goal

ypklmbvxzThe ultimate goal is a beauty. Cosmetic Studios aim at providing such services to cater for all beauty needs. Whichever way you consider it just make sure you achieve your goals, though there are tutorials for some cosmetic practices sometimes it’s better to leave the work to professionals.

Cosmetic therapists and practitioners specialize in cosmetics hence they will do it better.


How Pure Life Cleanse Improves Your Looks

It’s very bad when we feel not at ease in our skin because we have accumulated excess fat. In such cases, we tirelessly look for ways to burn the excess fat, lose weight, and look better. We search for weight-reducing pills to help us slim; some of them work, some do not. We know that it is very annoying buying weight reducing pills that do not give results.

I understand how you feel, and the pill is here to help you. Apart from helping you to reduce weight, pure life cleanse comes with other health benefits that make it unique from its competitors. In fact, Pure Life Cleanse functions like it says. In this blog, we look at the various health benefits of pure life cleanse.

Pure Life Cleanse Improves Your Looks

Fat Burninghn2j3emd62ye7u282ei92

As explained earlier, Pure Life Cleanse can help you burn fats and therefore, ease weight loss. The product uses laxatives such as Senna Leaf (active ingredient) to remove waste from your body and therefore cause weight loss. Also, this product is a dual fat burner. Apart from burning fat and preventing its formation, it suppresses your cravings.

Boosts metabolism

The product has ingredients such as Acai Berry and Licorice Root, which are believed to increase the rate of metabolism. These ingredients affect the energy and blood sugar levels and improve the rate at which calories of energy are burnt to carry out various tasks in the body. The increase in the rate of metabolism helps you to meet your body demands and therefore, keep you healthier.

Appetite Suppression

Pure Life Cleanse has Flax Seed powder as one of its natural active ingredients. Since this ingredient is fibrous, it is a good appetite suppressant. This ingredient takes up room in your stomach and prevents you from overeating.

Helps purify your body

Pure Life Cleanse cleans your large intestines thereby, facilitating the absorption of nutrients. This helps cut problems that arise from excess eating such as bloating, and constipation. Other problems yh237edu82ie9di9o202osolved by the use of this product include lack of focus, fatigue, headaches, feeling sickly, protruding belly and mood swings. The product also facilitates sugar metabolism.Due to this, it has been tipped as a practical way of regulating diabetes. This product is clinically tested and approved by researchers. It is an all-natural product with no chemicals, binders or fillers, and therefore, the product has no severe side effects to its users.

Now you understand the health benefits of Pure Life Cleanse. You can easily burn fat, cut your body weight, suppress appetite, boost metabolism and purify your body using a single product. You can also say goodbye to costly diet food and many hours of exercise at your health club.


Breast Enhancement Pills And Creams

Many products claim to increase breast size without any unwanted effects. The truth, however, is that very few of those products work and some can cause adverse irreparable damage to the body. So how can you tell what products are safe and which ones to avoid? With the advancement of technology and growth of the internet, it is easy for people to market fake products. At, we have eliminated the worry from shopping so you can be sure that the products on our site have been verified as safe and worthy of your cash.

If you are new to the use of supplements, you must be worried if they work or not. Here is a list of breast enhancement pills and creams that work.

Best examples


Naturaful is an excellent topical cream. It is made of high-quality exotic herbs such as motherwort, blessed thistle, kjkjkjkjkjkjand dandelion which make it a safe product to use on your body. It has no adverse effects, and the results can be seen in as soon as six weeks!

If you are looking for a safe cream that will not disappoint, Naturaful is the product for you. It gives real time results in a short period which makes it an efficient alternative to surgical methods.

Breast Active

Breast Active is a two-part formula with both pills and creams to give you the maximum benefit of breast enhancement products. It includes a workout program which enhances on the recipe for incredible results. Breast Active combines the topical cream, herbal supplements and an intensive workout program to give you a wholesome experience that will give you great results.

As far as breast enhancement creams are concerned, the product is a worthy bargain as it does not focus on your breasts alone but wellness in general. As with other dietary pills, this product does not cause a stomach upset.

To take full advantage of Breast Active, you should take a pill before or after a meal twice daily and apply a generous amount of cream on your breasts.

Total Curve

jkplmmbbbvvxTotal Curve is a breast enhancement product that combines the effectiveness of pills and the efficiency of the topical cream. It has 16 active ingredients in the firming gel and diet pills to give you the maximum benefit of herbal remedies. The natural product is safe, easy to use and very efficient.

For fuller, perkier and attractive breasts, breast enhancement pills and creams work best. They provide an efficient non-invasive option to breast enhancement.


Complete Guide To Buying Bikini Trimmer

Female hair removal is quite difficult, tedious, and of course complicated process. This is because it is not only about removal of hair. Nowadays, there are several bikini trimmers, which are continuously released into the market. Thus, you need to know what to look for. The best bikini trimmer should have all the features you need. These will help you know whether you are making the right choice.

What are bikini trimmers?jkdvafvaui

These are electric hair removal devices, which you can utilize to remove hair, which is around the bikini area. The reason your need this type of device is very simple. Unfortunately, buying right equipment is not. You should note that bikini trimmers vary greatly depending on size, pricing, features, colors, and other considerations.


Features to look for depending on the type of shaver you want to purchase and the lifestyle you like. If you have ever shaved, you know that a sensitive skin does not react well to shaving. Thus, you need to think of your comfort. There are bikini trimmers that provide multiple heads that range in design, usage, size, and much more.
The other feature to have is the convenience of using trimmer in both wet and dry conditions. Dry shaving does not have any problems. However, wet shaving requires that your bikini trimmer has the capability to handle wet. Some trimmers can be submerged under the water while others are water resistant.

Selecting best bikini trimmer

As said above, bikini trimmers vary greatly. To get the right product that meets your expectations, you need to take many factors into account. For instance, if you are on a budget, you should look for hair removal tools that do the job.

It is advisable to read several trimmer reviews online before buying. In this way, you will get an insight into how other users have experienced by using the product. Finding useful information in these reviews is pretty easy.


utujhmfdgugjThe major downside with a bikini trimmer is that it cannot provide you with the shave you need as compared to other hair removal methods. Although you can get it at low prices, it may not give you the result you are expecting. Moreover, they require charging before use. Majority of them last about 30 minutes on battery. This may not be sufficient enough for complete bikini hair removal. Thus, you may end up recharging the battery after each shave.
When you consider both the benefits and downsides of a bikini trimmer, you will realize that it has lots of advantages to offer. Read reviews and purchase one that fits your needs.


Lose weight fast and be sexy!

Are you having a hard time losing weight? If you are, then you are in the right place as this article will provide you with useful tips on how you can effectively get rid of the unwanted fats in your body, which will make it a lot easier for you to achieve a better figure.

Most dieters, especially the women, are struggling to shed weight not because they do not have any knowledge of what to do, but because they are not doing the right thing.

Easy ways to lose weight fast

hgsahgsahgsahgasWeight loss is a very challenging goal. I am sure you have already read numerous write-ups about this topic. But what is the most common thing that you have seen? I bet you would say, burn more calories. Yes, that is the top secret to losing weight. It is very important that you burn more calories than what you are actually consuming every day. Otherwise, you will just keep on gaining weight.

Here are the best ways for you to lose weight fast.

Stay motivated

Like what was stated above, reducing weight is not an easy thing. So, it is essential that you set your goals and stay motivated. You can already expect that there will be setbacks as you go along your way, but you have to stay on the right track. Always remember that you will never succeed if you fall out of your goals.

Watch the foods that you eat

As we all know, the food that we eat can either make us fat or thin. So, the very first thing that you need to do is to keep a close eye on your food intake. You need to eliminate all the unhealthy foods in your diet and replace them with organic or raw foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. Stop munching on chips and stay away from carbonated drinks.

Drink plenty of water daily

Water plays a vital role in any weight loss program. You should know that water significantly helps in flushing out the toxins from your body, and it helps improve your metabolic rate as it keeps you energized all day long.

Be physically active

gfsaghsahgashgasIn order for you to achieve a toned and sexy figure, you need to get going and do your exercise on a regular basis. By far, this is the best way to reduce the numbers that you can see on the weighing scale as working out will definitely help you burn fat.

For better results, you can also take advantage of weight loss pills. You can check out Celebrity health tricks to learn about Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse, rated as the most effective diet combination on the marketplace.


So you finally have the perfect black prom dress but the only thing missing is what shoes to dress it up with.

As much as most people think that black is a neutral’ color and can go with anything and everything, as far as fashion and style is concerned, that is not usually the case.

Wearing a black dress with shoes of any color may look okay’ but there is always the best shoes that will look perfect and accentuate your beautiful dress.

Here is a guide on best shoes to wear with black prom dress.


  • Metallic (Silver/gold)

The main reason you would want to wear silver or gold shoes is to stand out or make your shoes pop.

Depending on your skin tone, metallic hues like silver and gold will beautifully break the monotony of your black dress and make you stand out in the crowd.

  • Nude tones

Nude shoes are the best option if you are the less is more type of person.

This is keen on keeping it simple but at the same time stylish.

They are also perfect if you want the focus to be on your beautiful dress.

  • Bright colored shoes

This is another option if you want your shoes to pop.

Bright colors not only draw attention to your elegant shoes but also liven up the entire outfit. To avoid a blocky’ look, go for open toe or strapped heels. Also be careful when choosing the right color depending on your skin tone otherwise an attempt to make you stand out could become a total fashion fail.

  • Animal print

PS: This is for daredevils who love uniqueness and spice.

What better way to take your outfit to another level than with a pair of sexy animal print shoes? There is an array of animal prints for you to choose from, from leopard to zebra to snake skin and many others.

THE BEST SHOES TO WEAR WITH A BLACK PROM DRESS (1)Just make sure to pick out the one that you can comfortably pull off.

As it is commonly said, a pair of shoes can easily break or make an outfit.

So the above options may be the ultimate outfit maker depending on the type of dress you are pairing it with.

Remember that the detailing of the dress and the accessories also determine the type of shoes you will wear.

This only means that, a more detailed dress calls for simpler and less dramatic shoes and accessories while a simple dress is best paired with outstanding shoes and accessories.

Make sure to play smart with the accessories and shoes to make sure they don’t fight’ each other.

Also, since most prom dresses are long, heels would do perfectly.

Lip Balm Or Vaseline – Which Is Better

Lip Balm Or Vaseline – Which Is Better

Winter is one of the worst seasons in more ways than one.

While we have to dress ourselves from head to toe, there also is the need to take care of the face.

Chapped skin, and more importantly dry and cracked lips are a major problem during winter.

They can be extremely uncomfortable and painful too. If not taken care, the lips could crack and blood could also ooze out. It could even lead to infections. Hence it is important to protect lips.

Whenever we think about offering a protective layer to our lips, we either choose lip balm or Vaseline.

Though we may not think much when using both these products, it would be interesting to find more about these two choices.

  • How They Help

The main objective of these applications is to provide a protective layer of coating to the lips.

They help in preventing cold and frost damaging the outer layer of the lips and prevent them from drying. They provide moisture and oily coating and ensure that the lips stay normal even when you move out in freezing temperatures.

However, it is important for you to understand that the effect of these balms are temporary and will have to applied regularly especially when the weather out there is extremely cold.

  • How They Are DifferentLip Balm Or Vaseline – Which Is Better

While the main purpose of both these products are the same, when it comes to composition they are different.

As far as Lip balm is concerned it could have quite a few raw materials.

It could contain camphor, lanoline, paraffin, beeswax, carnauba wax, paraffin and other such ingredients.

On the other hand when we talk about Vaseline, it contains petroleum jelly as the main raw material. In fact it was an accidental invention because it was used as a coating for the oil rig bottom as early as the 1800s.

it is a 100% byproduct of the oil and petroleum industry and hence it is a resource which cannot be sustained beyond a point.

Though Vaseline is considered to be safe, there are some questions which remain unanswered especially when it is used on a long term basis.

  • Conclusion

At the end of the day there is no doubt that going both Vaseline and lip balms have their own uses, pros and cons.

There is nothing much to differentiate whether it is lip balm or Vaseline.

The onus lies on the customers to choose the one which is liked by them, especially when it has to be used for long period of time.